GAIA Manual-Mobile Water Filter

GAIA Ltd. is a company dedicated to the most important resource of life:  W A T E R

We assemble this Mobile-Manual Water Filter system in Uganda with highest quality components from Europe.

If you have no electricity available, you can produce with this hand-operated pump about 300 litres of drinking water per hour, free of germs, bacteria, virus etc. You do not need to boil before drinking the water. With this pump you can pull the water from 4-5 meter deep wells.

If  you have electricity or a generator of minimum 2 kW available, with this electric pump you can produce about 1000 liters of drinking water per hour. This pump can be used to pull water from about 7 meter deep well. The electric pump works on 220-240 Volt and uses 650 watts. If the water is chemically contaminated, an additional active carbon filter can be installed in the system.

This is fast enough for big schools or even for small villages.

The big advantage of this system is, that this filter can be washed and cleand on simple methode, and does not need to be replaced when the filter is dirty and blocked like most other filters.