GAIA Manual-Mobile Water Filter

GAIA Ltd. is a company dedicated to the most important resource of life:  W A T E R

We assemble this Mobile-Manual Water Filter system in Uganda with highest quality components from Europe.

If you have no electricity available, you can produce with this hand-operated pump about 300 litres of drinking water per hour, free of germs, bacteria, virus etc. You do not need to boil before drinking the water. With this pump you can pull the water from 4-5 meter deep wells.

If  you have electricity or a generator of minimum 2 kW available, with this electric pump you can produce about 1000 liters of drinking water per hour. This pump can be used to pull water from about 7 meter deep well. The electric pump works on 220-240 Volt and uses 650 watts. If the water is chemically contaminated, an additional active carbon filter can be installed in the system.

This is fast enough for big schools or even for small villages.

The big advantage of this system is, that this filter can be washed and cleand on simple methode, and does not need to be replaced when the filter is dirty and blocked like most other filters.



Compare Fine Filtered and Ultra Filtered Water

The brown water you see is filtered only with the FINE filter, which is able to deter solid elements but not the turbidity and bacteria in the water.  The clear water you see is the brown water after filtering it with the ULTRA filter in this system.

Filtering Process

Here you see the man on the left side is operating the hand pump for filtering the dirty water and out comes the clean drinking water. Of corse it is recommendable to use as much as possible clean and clear raw water, because the Ultra Filter keeps "ALL dirt" back. That means, that all the turbidity from the raw water, needs to flashed out from the filter again. For this purpose are the different valves and the second had pump on the right side of the unit. In the User Manual, we will explain the cleaning process in detail.

If the rah water has high turbidity, we recommend to have a biger pre-tank for the raw water for sedimentation.  With the help of Moringa seed powder or cake from Moringa seed oil pressing, used as coagulant the sedimentation will take place within about 5 hours.  When the water demand is very high, it might be advisable to use two pre-tanks for sedimentation.

Operation with electric pump

The electric pump              GADENA 3000/4

Voltage /Frequency:         230V AC / 50 Hz

Rated power:                   650 Watt

Max. delivery capacity:    2 800 l/h

Max. delivery head:        40 m

Max suction height:        8 m

Working pressure range:    (cut-in pressure to cut-out pressure) 1.5 – 2.5 bar

Permanent internal pressure: (delivery side):  6 bar

Weight:                             12,8 kg

This water pump is also a very powerful help in any move of water from a well or other source to the tanks or to move the filtered water up to a raised up high tank.


DANGER! Electric shock !

  • Before filling the pump, unplug the equipment from the mains!

WARNING! Pump running dry!

Make sure, that the water pump does not run dry !!! – and that there is always water in the water source to pump out.

For an extra charge, it is possible to install additionally a dry-run prodector.

Operating and cleaning the System

  1. Preparation:
    • Unpacking
    • Positioning - Insert Feet
    • to verify completeness of the parts: Hoses ¾”, 4 feet,  1 extension of pump handle,      JIK  (or DanKlorix) for disinfection of the system.
    • Various connectors make:
    - Water supply, drains on main filter (waste water out)  and pre-filter
    - Water source should have the same level as possible to avoid additional effort during pump operation.
    - Extension for pump handle attached (at pump for filtering – left side)


Before you start filtering your drinking water, you have to do the following steps, in order to flush out the preservation:

1.  Do a forward flushing (Action Nr. 2) for about 3 minute  = waste water out

2.  Do a flushing after disinfection (Action Nr. 6a about 1 minute and (Action Nr. 6b) about 10 minutes ) =  waste water

After this process you can start to filter the water for drinking water.


2. Forward flushing: you can do the forward flushing with the left hand pump or with the electric pump by putting the valves like shown above. It depends very much on the type of raw water, how often you have to do the forward flashing. The more dirt is in the water, the more often you have to flash the filter

3. Back flushing:  with the right side hand pump you push the purified water from the backside through the membrane in order to clean the membrane, until the bag is empty.

4. Refilling the bag: After you have emptied the bag, you need to fill  it with the left hand pump  with purified water for the next back flushing.  Do not fill the bag with the electric pump, because the electric pump produces too much pressure for the bag – and it might burst!

5. Disinfection:  in a bucket with about 15 litres of water you put 200 ml to 250 ml (1/4 litre) of JIK or other chlorine which has the content of SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE  which is a ratio of 40:1 mix.  Pump now the mixed water for about 5 minutes in circle as forward flushing and as filtering process. – after this process let the disinfectant be in the filter system for about three hours or better you leave it overnight.

6a and 6b Flushing after disinfection: After disinfection you do the flushing described in  6a and 6b

7. Flushing the pre filter: You can also screw out the transparent element of the pre-filter, take the filter in your hand and flush it in the bucket with water (do not use hard brushes). Blow strongly into the filter from above – by this the membrans of the filter will be clean again. Put the filter back into the transparent element and screw it back, close the valve on the bottom side of the filter.

NOW the filter system is ready again to continue to filter drinking water.